Company History

Founded out of passion for Asia and seafood

In 1983 Heiko W. Lenk had his first visit to Thailand. As a European customer the different way of life in Asia captivated his mind. Especially the good tempered mood and the cordiality of the ordinary people he met enchanted him. He became fascinated by the vast variety of seafood items mostly handed out as finger food to by passers. Seafood became the obsession of Heiko W. Lenk that kept him captivated for more than three decades. In 2003 he founded LENK Frozen Foods (Asia) Co. Ltd. in Thailand and LENK Seafood Services GmbH in Germany.

LENK Frozen Foods (Asia) Co., Ltd. based in Thailand and LENK Seafood Services GmbH based in Germany are companies established in the year 2003 by Mr. Heiko Werner Lenk.

Heiko Lenk is working in the Seafood business in 2nd generation since 1981 and therefore benefits from almost 30 years of experience.

2003 - January
Foundation of the Heiko Lenk Seafood Services in Germany

2003 - March
Foundation of Frozen Foods (Asia) Co. Ltd. in Thailand

Termination of the agency business of Heiko Lenk Seafood Services and foundation of Lenk Seafood Services GmbH as a distribution center for European business operations

Completion of the headquarters office in Bangkok (location of our headquarters)

Launch of production activities in Vietnam

ISO certification for the new standard 9001:2008 of Lenk Frozen Foods (Asia) Co. Ltd. in Thailand

Formation of Domestic Department in Thailand with first imports and sales to the Thailand seafood industry and food service sector.

Worldwide first ASC certification (Aqua Stewardship Council) with license Nbr ASC-C-00001